custom pro birch C271 green

$149.99 USD


Custom Birch

Pro Ink Dot Certified Custom Birch of the highest baseball bat standards and from second growth forests being regenerated each year. All of our Custom birch billets are vacuum dried and controlled to best performing moisture content ratios. Bats are Double Boned for max hardness, Hand Sanded for the best balance and Triple Dipped. Only the finest from sawmills who specialize in birch. All models come with a 30 Day warranty.


Has all of the Custom Birch Features as listed above. Our C271 Custom Birch is Double Bone Rubbed for Maximum Hardness and Best Pop. The C271 pattern features a tapered knob and thin handle with a standard barrel. Made from our strongest billets with the best stiffness and hardness. Used by power hitters looking for the most home runs.

  • Available in 32”, 33”, 33.5"
  • Garantía de 30 días
  • Cupped to Drop 2
  • Punto de Tinta Pro Certificado
  • Doble hueso frotado
  • Green Barrel
  • Mango negro
  • 1.980/.932/2.445